As SMEs are rarely able to employ dedicated project managers, they often  struggle with their project management.  IPEC plans to develop a micro lite Project Management tool, based on the needs of SMEs using the IPEC cycle: Initiate, Plan, Execute, Close.

As micro and small enterprises are rarely able to employ dedicated project managers, they often  struggle with their project management. Most formal project management methodologies are just too costly and time intensive for their needs. Yet, research has shown that only 2.5% of the companies successfully complete 100% of their projects. This calls for action.

What is IPEC?
IPEC stands for Initiate, Plan, Execute and Close. The IPEC project plans to develop a new micro-lite Project Management methodology, based on the needs of small and micro enterprises and using the IPEC cycle: Initiate, Plan, Execute and Close.  Not only will IPEC develop this project management methodology, it will do so by applying Gamification. Gamification uses the typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity,  typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service.

What will IPEC develop?
Partners aim to deliver an ‘exemplar’ project that will act as a ‘demonstrator’ project for future VET products utilising gamification. By combining Project Management practices, ‘state of the art’ gamification technology and the latest blended learning techniques and practices, Project-IPEC provides a solution that contributes to improved SME productivity and effective use of Project Management within young smaller enterprises and builds VET centre capability to support the use of micro-lite Project Management.
The IPEC project will develop the Project Management Methodology by delivering the following Intellectual Outputs:

  • Micro-lite Project Management methodology and toolkit
  • Gamification IT Tools
  • IPEC Gamification Platform
  • IPEC VET training
  • The Wider Use of Gamification within VET

In addition there will be the training activity ‘Course IPEC Lead Coach’ and several Conferences organised, the IPEC European Conference in Ireland and IPEC National Conferences in Ireland, The United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Germany and The Netherlands. Project progress will be discussed by the consortium at the transnational meetings in Cyprus (November 2015), Greece (May 2016), Germany (February 2017), The Netherlands (December 2017) and Ireland (June 2018).

The project runs from September 2015 up to and including August 2018.

Download the project folder here or read the article IPEC explained!