Next week IPEC partners will head to Leicester to follow the IPEC Lead Coach Workshop. For 5 days partners will be in training to become IPEC Lead Coach. By the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the aim and objectives of the Erasmus+ Project IPEC
  • Understand the role of the Lead IPEC Coach
  • Explain the principles and potential uses of the IPEC tool
  • Describe the four phases of the IPEC Model
  • Know how to use the Project IPEC tools and templates
  • Use the IPEC app to plan future
  • Describe plans to engage and train at least 3 local IPEC coaches
  • Explain plans for engaging and supporting 25 target group SMEs
  • Define and agree the next steps to take Project IPEC forward

The workshop will comprise a mix of formal input sessions, practical exercises working in pairs and teams and using the project IPEC model, tools and app.

Upcoming Monday: start of IPEC Lead Coach Workshop in Leicester

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